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Hello dear friends,

my name is Liuba and I would like to share my passion with you!

Since I was a child, I have loved knitting. When I was small, my mother's friend was so kind to knit a hat and a scarf for me. I was so blown away by the result and excited by the practicality and the beauty of the two warm items, that I immediately wanted to try it myself!

I turns out that I fell in love and I would often get in trouble at school for secretly knitting during classes. Luckily, some teachers appreciated my work and ordered scarves and hats from me! And the word spread making me a full time knitter!

Fast forward, I have reinvented my passion in my 50s, but now I knit at my home in Prague, Czech Republic, or at my designer store/workshop, where you can find me with the knitting needles in my hands almost daily.

I hope you like my products. My purpose is to create good quality and visually stimulating articles that can warm your heart and last for a long time. Therefore, I try my best to pick good quality natural materials and to make my work sustainable.

Have a good day,


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